Wednesday, 12 October 2011

An Unproductive Rainy Day

My day started like most days for us.. Paul leaves for work as I lay in bed waiting for Sam to wake up.  Sam wakes up too early (6:30am), so I stumble to his room and fall into the empty double bed, mutter for Sam to go back to sleep and pull the covers over my head to block out the sound of his groaning (one of his self-soothing methods). 

The next thing I know, it's 7:40am and I really have to go... of course my leaving the room wakes up Sam, so I grab him out of his crib we jump back into the double bed for a 10 minute Mommy/Sammy snuggle, which I LOVE!  "Mommy, watch Elmo?" My one eye pops open.  "Mommy, eat toast & peanut butter?" My other eye pops open. Ok, up and at em!  A quick diaper change (part of the deal-making process) and we head downstairs.  I set Sam up in his high chair with his milk, grapes and video of Curious George, while I make my coffee and wait for Vovo to come pick up Sam so I can start my day.

8:45am and Vovo is here, I pack Sam into the car with his clothes for the day and I run back inside and get started.  I throw in a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen.  My morning is becoming quite productive.  My sister calls from Texas and I grab my coffee and sit my butt on the sofa and chat for half an hour.  We never chat about anything overly interesting, but I love the sound of her voice.  This morning she does manage to irritate me by mentioning that my two career choices are probably not my best choices in life, but we get past that and move on to more pleasurable topics.  We hang up and I call my friend and Arbonne RVP Evona to discuss how my Arbonne business is going.  I have to admit, my October is slower than I would had originally hoped, but my November is shaping up nicely.  I tell Evona all about my big plans for Arbonne for the day, hang up, change the laundry, grab my water bottle, drop in half a tab of my Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Tab (much better than a caffine buzz), and make my way up to my office to start making calls and working. 

Six hours later I sit here and have not accomplished anything.  Well, anything noteworthy that is.  Unfortunately my two career choices, real estate & Arbonne, are both networking and marketing businesses and if I'm not "out there" or making calls, I'm not making any money. 

Today, I am no where near "out there".  I'm cleaning out my inboxes, filing away papers, cleaning my desk and staring at the large binder of Arbonne clients I should be calling to move my business... and I think my laundry has been sitting there for hours untouched.  I did, however, unpack my shipment of new Arbonne business cards and another shipment of John Maxwell's new book "5 Levels of Leadership".  I ordered the Mabel's Labels "Loot Bag" combos for Sam's "friend" birthday party on Sunday.  SHOUT OUT TO MABEL'S LABELS (I hope they get here on time).  I also sent out an eblast to all my contacts with some Arbonne Holidays specials and another eblast to my personal contacts regarding my new blog.  Oh, and I did manage to write something for this blog.  That's gotta count for something... right?

Ever have days like this?  Days where you do "stuff", but feel like you did nothing?  I blame the rain...

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