Monday, 23 September 2013

A TV Commercial Perfect Life

Hello Blog World! I decided to start blogging again!

I am now officially a WAHM and I am so excited.  I quit my last "job" in June of this past year, took a much-needed family vacation to Texas to see my sister, and then spent the summer with my family and working on my home based business.

You see, in May of this year, I had a breakdown... or a breakthough as I prefer to call it.  I had realized that since my son was born, almost 4 years ago, I had yet to spend a summer with him, and September, his first day of school, was looming just around the corner.

I was full of regret. I was too busy working, changing careers again, and again, studying, finding new "jobs".  Where did the 4 years go??  I really thought that once I had my own children (or child), I would be able to find that balance, the right career or job, that would give us the income we need plus the time I wanted to be able to spend with same.  I was looking for that TV Commercial Perfect Life!

I'm learning that life is not perfect, nor is it meant to be perfect and it is CERTAINLY NOT like a tv commercial.  It's meant to be full of ups and downs, highs and lows, laughs and tears, excitement and tiredness, but most of all it's meant to be enjoyed.

Here's a funny story of life in my house:

This weekend I was away at a conference in Edmonton, Albert, and I had the pleasure and honour of meeting NVP Kelly Greening-Thoburn.  She was kind enough to invite us back to her room for a party with her team (who are all awesome btw). While chatting, she is telling us this beautiful story of how lucky she is to have found Arbonne because it enables her to wake up her boys every morning by climbing into bed with them, telling them how much she loves them and how lucky she is. Just like a TV Commercial and I'm thinking to myself, "Self, this is the mom you want to be!".

So this morning, I gently climb into Sam's bed and lean over to give him a kiss and my four year old promptly smashes his hand into my face and says "Mom, what are you doing in my bed?! I'm sleeping!" I calmly reply "I just wanted to cuddle before we have to get up for school." To which he answers "NO CUDDLES, JUST SLEEP! GET OUT OF MY BED"! There goes that dream... clearly my child is NOT a morning person and that was definitely NOT a TV commercial. LOL 

On a happier note, five minutes later he did call me back into his room for cuddles, because "now I'm ready to cuddle" he says, so there is hope for my family. 

The same thing happened yesterday at the airport.  Arriving off the plane and walking to get my bag, I am looking for my husband and son.  I'm watching all the other families, there is lots of hugs and kisses, tears of joy, smiles and laughter, and I am looking for the "perfect airport arrival".  You know the one I'm talking about.  The hubby is there waiting with a smile, the son comes running into your arms and hubby picks up your bag with one hand, your hand in the other...

So, I'm looking and looking, no hubby, no son.  So I text and he says "on my way".  So with a smile, I collect my own bag and head outside to wait... and wait.... and wait.  Half an hour later, the terminal is empty, it's freezing cold outside and my hubby is still not there.  Ten more minutes later, the smile is gone, I'm frozen, and they finally pull up.  I put the smile back on my face, hubby takes my bag (no kiss) and says "Sam has to pee".  This is my welcome home #1.  I open the back door, lean in to give Sam a hug and kiss and he says "Mommy! I'm so happy to see you!!  Now take me to pee really quick!!".  This is my welcome home #2.  Yes my friends, this is my life. 

I really need to stop comparing myself to other people, comparing my life to others and trying to be like other people.  Our life is our life. Is it perfect?  No.  Is it funny, heck yes! I think we make the perfect tv family.

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