Monday, 8 September 2014

I finally found "my thing"!

I'm not gonna lie, after becoming a first-time mom at 38, I thought stepping back into my travel career would be easy, but just a few shorts months after my son was born, I knew that the travel life was no longer the life I wanted, or the career that suited my family and I.

After 4 years of trying my hand at many different things, ie. inside sales, real estate, customer service at an optometrists office, temping as a secretary at our Catholic School Board, I was really struggling to find my "career identity".  It wasn't an easy time for us.  Transitioning into parenthood is difficult enough, but trying to find out where you fit back into the corporate world can be completely unnerving.  I realized that I didn't fit back into the career I once knew, and that really threw our family life into a dither.  As I jumped from job to job, tensions and emotions ran high, and the bank account ran low.  Financially we were drowning because my emotions would take over and I would carelessly spend on frivolous things, everything we couldn't afford.  I was in denial about our financial situation and pretending like we had the same income we had "pre-child".  Little did I know at the time, I was also struggling with anxiety, mild depression and un-diagnosed postpartum depression.  This made every decision more difficult and extremely emotional.  Just when I thought I found something I liked, I would get depressed and anxious about being away from home for so many hours a day, and the vicious cycle would start all over again.

Finally in the winter/spring of 2014, during a networking event at our local Staples, I met a "Virtual Assistant".  Not really knowing or understanding what a "VA" was at the time, I asked her a few questions and then continued on with my day.  One week later, at another networking event, I met another Virtual Assistant.  This time my interest was piqued and I asked more questions.  I went straight home and looked up Virtual Assistants on the web.  Oh the plethora of information! I was giddy with excitement while reading it all.  Was this it?  Did I finally find "my thing"?  

Fast forward a couple more weeks, and many excited conversations with my husband (God bless that man...), I had coffee with a friend that I had recently reconnected with over Facebook. We were discussing our lives... careers, families, current triumphs and failures, having a good laugh and enjoying sharing our stories with each other.  It was then I starting talking about this amazing "thing" called a Virtual Assistant, and that it was something that I truly believed I could do, and do well with my background.  Plus, I felt that it would also give me the balance I needed to work from home, bring in an income, feel successful AND be flexible for my family.  I was excited, even though I had absolutely no idea where to begin,  

My friend looked me straight in the eye and said to me "I think you would be fantastic at that... and I have a proposition for you.  I'd like to hire you. I think we can work something out."  On the outside, I put my business face on and remained friendly and composed (ok, I may have giggled a little), but on the inside I was bursting with excitement!  WHAT DID SHE SAY?? Could this be my first client??  Little did I know that my friend was in the process of starting a new financial consulting company and they really needed an extra set of hands.  MY HANDS!!  This is where my business finally started to take shape!

Shortly after this conversation, tax time came around and I was discussing this new VA business with my accountant (God bless him as well).  He quickly became one of my biggest supporters and assisted me in the start up information I needed to get my new business off the ground.  

It is amazing how the planets start to align when you are on the right path and you enlist the support and knowledge of people you look up to and admire.

Here I am 6 months later, a Registered Business owner, a Virtual Assistant, and I couldn't be happier. I have embraced working from home, found a routine that works for us, and I have a few wonderful clients that keep me busy during the day, the bills paid, the flexibility we need, and our family life has settled into a nice, peaceful existence.  My children are thrilled that I can be there for their school events, sports and extra curricular activities, and my husband appreciates the flexibility and the paycheques. 

Thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone for your words of encouragement and support.  Thank you to my clients who have trusted me to help guide your business and provide you with remote support when you need it.  And thank you to all my future clients for taking a chance on me! 

If you are in need of remote administrative assistance, below is a list of my current services.  I would be more than happy to provide you with a free business consultation.

Please contact me fore more information!

Michelle Callipari, Virtual Assistant
Owner, MSC Business Solutions
Professional Assistance ~ Virtual Guidance

MSC Business Solutions ~ Services Offered

With over 20 years in Sales, Customer Service and Administration, here is a list of services that I, as a Virtual Assistant can provide for your business. This is just a few of course, the list is endless! If you need help with it, we can find a way to make it happen!

1. Transcription – digital or paper, online or tape recorded.
2. Email marketing, creation and updates
3. Social media set up, education and maintenance
4. Answering emails, organizing and clearing out your inbox
5. Spreadsheet creation and maintenance
6. Travel arrangements
7. Ordering business cards and other marketing materials
8. Research
9. Appointment setting
10. Organizing your workshop attendees, taking payments, etc.
11. Newsletter creation, updates, printing
12. Mail outs
13. Sending greeting or thank you cards to your clients and personal contacts
14. Creative brainstorming sessions
15. Proofreading and editing of documents and website copy
16. Resume screening and human resources assistance
17. File organization
18. Data collection
19. LinkedIn and Facebook management
20. Fielding questions from potential customers via email, setting up canned responses and auto-responders.
21. Event planning
22. Invoicing
23. Resume creation
24. Visual presentations
25. General administrative assistance
26. Holiday card creation and send out
27. Moving and relocation services
28. Concierge services, including travel planning, car rentals, etc.
29. Organizing business cards and contacts
30.  CRM and database management
331.  Client appreciation/thank you gifts

Virtual Assistants are professionals with a variety of professional backgrounds and specialized skills.  This is just a brief introduction to the many services I may be able to provide.

I look forward to working with you.

Michelle Callipari, Virtual Assistant
MSC Business Solutions

Proud Member of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants, the Strathroy Chamber of Commerce, the Optimist Club of Strathroy and the London Momprenuers


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